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Camera Support Equipment

There was a time when we had no zoom Lenses. Even without zoom lenses we always had desires to get closer to the object so that we could shoot and portray sentiments. The staff of Dolly Tracking and Shooting Department in NIKKATSU Studio was very eager to accommodate requests from workers in studios where shootings were running on every day, and this department was the very first form of the NKL Inc. “We want to move cameras with single focus lenses smoothly and steadily to capture a sense of immediacy.” To satisfy these desires, dollies and rails were allegedly developed.

The Filming Department, the Lighting Department, the Sound and Video Service Department, and the Art Department…while those had already been existed as independent departments in NIKKATSU Studio, a team of camera support equipment operators was getting to be recognized that it had also an independent and important role in shooting, and it cemented its position as an independent department within the studio. Then, NK Camera Support Equipment, the predecessor of our company, was separated from NIKKATSU Studio in 1980. Although we just started our own business within the studio, after spending over 30 years we feel confident that we have established a strong position as the leading company of camera support equipment. Also we are very proud that our “DNA” was inherited by many of the “descendants”, camera support equipment company whose leaders gained experiences with us and started a new business on their own.

After 10 years of NK Camera Support Equipment’s independence, one Japanese youngster established a camera support equipment company in LA. He was surprised to see that “grips” were always staffed rightly in every shooting site in the States, he decided to establish a new camera support equipment company in Japan: K&L Co. was the company he established at this time, to adopt advanced shooting techniques and equipment from the States to Japan while keeping his existing business in LA. His aim was to bring the film techniques in Japan up to the world level. With his enthusiasm and commitment, he introduced techno cranes to Japan for the first time, and he introduced PANTHER to Japan also for the first time having the exclusive contract with Panther GmbH.
“Equipment from overseas might create a potential for trouble in a shooting site.” Apprehensions like this were resolved by translating manuals at the earliest date and building a direct line to the distributors for quick troubleshooting. Having the “International Business Division” as a great advantage, K&L Co. had increased its presence in 5 years since its establishment in Japan. That brought the fact that many TV stations and record companies had direct dealings with K&L Co. because of its various equipment which only K&L Co. possessed in Japan.

In January 2009, NK Camera Support Equipment and K&L Co. merged into one company. NK Camera Support Equipment, which specialized in movies and TV dramas, and K&L Co., which specialized in shooting commercial films, TV dramas, and live performances, complemented each other and became the strongest camera support equipment company in Japan.

To strengthen the combined company’s power and to broaden its opportunities, two policies were designed,
A: Develop the specialty
B: Create the new business

As for A, to develop the specialty, these three ideas were shared with one another in the company:
1. To produce an heir to technical proficiency, the special effects that we only could do, such as “raining techniques” and “wind techniques”, and we honorably declare that we are able to distinguish the various stage of rain – from a very beginning of rain to an intense rainfall – and the various stage of wind – from a gentle breeze that blows curtains naturally and softly to a roaring, violent storm.
2. To always be the first company to import and introduce the new and the next generation technologies and techniques, such as an exclusive contract with Grip Factory Munich GmbH, and so to keep expanding in international business.
3. To create new equipment to provide necessity in shooting sites, and to do maintenance of the equipment at each site, each studio. Therefore to possess the machines for manufacturing materials, for maintaining equipment, and for developing equipment.

As for B, to create the new business, with the slogan “To be a one-stop supplier”, NKT Entertainment Co. was founded as one of our group businesses in 2010 and started performing adequately in producing movies and promotion videos, and live recordings. NKT Entertainment Co. came under the spotlight in the film industry for owning an in-house offline editing room and for being a production company which had a camera support equipment company in group businesses, and extended its performance consistently.

In June 2013, we reorganized our businesses and created a new department, Production Department, in NKL Inc. Then, we finally reached our first goal to be a production company that can create business and due to the synergy effect of our group businesses, now we also are able to manage live recordings at one of the nation’s biggest venues and promotional supports for the clients who are expanding their worldwide businesses. In July 2013, we extended our company property and built a shooting studio on it, and now we definitely became a One-stop supplier.

In other words, we are now able to manage the whole process of shooting with your one project proposal if you are shooting in Japan.

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